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Watch the videos and read through the information to get to grips with the basics, safety and techniques before getting on to the water.

Respect the water at all times. 

Weather Conditions

It is preferred that you take your board onto enclosed water spaces, if you do decide to paddle board in the sea stay close to shore.  Only use your board in appropriate weather conditions. Pay particular attention to wind speed, direction, wave height and sea swell if paddle boarding in the sea. Never paddle without your leash attached and always wear your buoyancy aid.

Useful Apps and Websites

We recommend the Magic Seaweed app and website which gives wind speed, wind direction, sea swell, tide status and wave height.

For wind direction and speeds in lochs or other bodies of water check the Windfinder website .  Search for the closest village then zoom in on the map, it gives a detailed forecast for the next few days.

What Three Words will help to pinpoint your exact location if you get lost. It gives a unique 3 word name to any 3 metre squared piece of land in the world which will help emergency services to pinpoint your exact location.

Speak to Locals

Unsure about the tide? Wondering what hazards might be in or near the water?  Want to find out if others use this area for paddle boarding?  Speak to the locals.  Don't be shy, most people in the Highlands will gladly give you helpful information.

Learn How to SUP in 5 Minutes

Watch this video to learn the basics of Stand Up Paddle boarding.

Top 10 Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Safety Skills

This video covers the safety aspects of SUP in more detail.

How to Get Back onto your Board

This video covers the two different ways to get back onto your board.  Everyone will fall off of their board at some point so it's important that you are familiar with how to get back onto your board.

Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Be a responsible paddler and review the access code.  Leave wildlife alone, stay clear of breeding marine life such as seals and birds and be aware of any specific status of an area.  We discourage use of Loch Fleet near Golspie. It is a National Nature Reserve

Your leash and buoyancy aid are your lifelines.  Make sure your leash is firmly attached to your board and to you.  We do not recommend  If you are paddling alone take a waterproof phone case to hold your phone.  If you don't have someone to tell about expected return times you can check in with us.

How to assemble your inflatable paddleboard

The video below shows you how to assemble one of our Freshwater Paddle Co boards. Our other boards have a different fin style but either slide and lock into place to have a pin slide to hold them in place. This is also a helpful video

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