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The Full Story


Sutherland Adventure Company was established in 2021 to bring adventures and exploration to Sutherland and beyond. We are passionate about the water, our landscape and our beautiful area and we want you to enjoy it too. We pride ourselves on offering fantastic experiences and excellent service.  We make the most of our landscape whilst taking care to minimise our impact and support the environment. We are a close knit team of family and friends who all share a love for our area and activities.



Paddleboarding, swimming, surfing, snorkelling and bodyboarding.  We love it all.  You'll mainly find us in or on the water and we aim to share our passion and knowledge on water based activities with you.


We are lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful landscapes, lochs and hills.  When we aren't in the water you can find us walking, cycling and exploring the area and we are keen to introduce our area to people so they can experience it too. Our area is steeped in history and culture and the land has so many stories to tell.

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